"Gamer Elements" Stock Art

Image of "Gamer Elements" Stock Art

This package contains hi-res versions of the elements found in the "Gamer" Premium YouTube Template. These elements can be used in artwork for websites, thumbnails, banners, video content, merchandise and more!

Each PSD is fully layered - in some cases, even the original blue line sketches are included. Get a behind-the-scenes look into how I construct these type of illustrations with line work, color layers and effects.

Package includes:

  • Hi-res PNG file (300 ppi) of elements
  • Hi-res, fully layered PSD versions of elements

These files are pretty big in file size, be prepared for RAM hoggage

Elements Included:

Masked Soldier, Mech, Rottweiler, Balls, Cars, Flying Goat, Stars, Sword and some Zombies

Once purchased, you will receive a download link to the file via email.

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