"Miner Elements" Stock Art

Image of "Miner Elements" Stock Art

This package contains hi-res versions of the elements found in the "Miner" Premium YouTube Template. These elements can be used in artwork for websites, thumbnails, banners, video content, merchandise and more!

Package includes:

  • Hi-res PNG file (300 ppi) of elements
  • Vector versions (eps) of elements
  • Outline, full color and shadowed versions of elements
  • Screen res (72 ppi) versions of wood panel textures found in the original banner
  • Vector version (eps) of wood panel texture

These files can be opened and edited in most vector programs that read eps files, and most photo-based programs that read png files.

Elements Included:

Sword, Pick Axe, Shovel, Bow, Arrow, Potion, Large Gem, Small Gem, Pork Chop and Axe

Once purchased, you will receive a download link to the file via email.

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